Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Top of the Mountain

Well, made it to a hut. What a climb. Some good sites along the way. Being able to use so many different media is exciting and patrons will love it. I liked the Gutenberg and Librivox in particular. Google earth is also very useful -have already used it. There is so much out ther and changing as we speak. It's all very much a changing landscape. Very good exercise to do and I have already helped patrons with this new knowledge. So progress!!!

Libraries and social networking

This could be good for bookclubs and communities of interest. Groups with shared interests could hangout together. Maybe reference groups, study groups, childrens interest groups.
At the moment a book club seems to catch my imagination. Another way to stay in touch and grow areas of interest. Maybe groups of libraries could get together.

Social networking

This looks huge. Facebook - So many friends and friends of friends. Who gets to see what about whom? I can see why some people might wonder about 'too much information'. Probably a lot of fun if you like to spend time online, or maybe just want to stay in touch with the world of friends out there.
I liked Myspace - could load a photo or two.


Monday, September 22, 2008


I already know Project Gutenberg
LibriVox is new and very exciting with read aloud titles.
I know someone who will love this. Really good find.


Found a great one on children's books:
Reviews of childrens books with a difference. The one I liked was from a coffee shop talking to a blog author of lists of children's books.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


One of the really popular sites and growing all the time. I use it for NCEA topics like the Treaty of Versailles. Students need various media for their projects.

Google maps

I really like google maps. I had a look at google earth's utube demo and thought that was truly fantastic but it looks as if you have to buy it? Not sure about that. So what's free is really great, what we have to pay for is not. Very helpful with patrons trying to get somewhere, anywhere. I have already used this with patrons so it's library use is proven to me.